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Choices Matter. By the way: No choice is still a choice.
Everything you are today is a result of the choices you have made or choices made for you but you have a choice to change your future. Welcome to the Choices Matter Movement. It will be an adventure.

The book, Fabulous New Life,  was released in March of 2015.   Suzanne co-writes the book published by Master Coach Aprille Hunt and other co-authors who each share their unique journey’s.

Purchase a copy of the book for $20, and receive a FREE Audio Story CD, “Forgiveness…It’s A Choice” which was recorded a few years ago by Suzanne and her husband Greg.  If you would like additional copies of the CD, it is available for purchase here.    (The audio is the REST of the story.)  For the Kindle version, click here.

Note:  If you live in Oklahoma City area, and you are friends with Suzanne, please get in touch with her directly to purchase a book at a discount if you are able to pick it up directly from Suzanne.

Suzanne is available to speak to your small or large group. Her passion is to offer hope to other women for healing in their marriages and other relationships.  She relates to mom’s and wives and has experience as a military wife, a homeschool mother, a working and a stay at home mom.  She is an entrepreneur with a desire to inspire.


A message from the co-author, Suzanne Grimaud (chapter 3):