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About Suzanne Grimaud

LIFE is made up of Choices! YOU get to decide how you live it. Will you be successful? Will you be happy? Will you fulfill your purpose? Will you make a difference in the lives of others? Choosing to choose or not to choose is still a choice and YOUR CHOICES MATTER!!!

Suzanne Grimaud is a thought leader focused on helping you achieve success through making the best choices in your life. She is an author, speaker, and executive leader in It Works Global. She firmly believes that the path you take through life often consists of pivotal moments that change the way you think, act and feel forever. These moments can lead you to success and growth if you are willing to take advantage of them.

Whether it’s the little choices or the BIG ones… Choices Matter!


Some choices are simple and fun … what’s for dinner, which gift to buy, whereto vacation, what to wear (or not to wear), etc.

Some choices affect your physical body …. Exercise, Diet, Supplement, Feed your mind, Rest (your overall health/wellness).

And then there are BIG CHOICES… relationships, careers, goals & dreams!

Being married for 26 years and the mother of 3, and as an entrepreneur, professional networker, public inspirational speaker and author, I’ve found that when I’m making decisions, my choices ALWAYS affect someone else, be it great or small. When I prepare meals without gluten, my daughter feels better. When I decorate our home…memories are made! When I strengthen my body with exercise, I ski longer with my family at Christmas. When I earn, save and spend my money wisely, I have more to give to others. And when I choose to share my journey and stories, I offer hope to others and inspire them to do the same. That’s what I’ve CHOSEN to do. I choose to DO THAT THING and OWN it!! And I CHOOSE to share my successes, my struggles and my choices that have shaped our family. Our choices DO matter!!