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Choices Matter. By the way: No choice is still a choice.
Everything you are today is a result of the choices you have made or choices made for you but you have a choice to change your future. Welcome to the Choices Matter Movement. It will be an adventure.

Choices Matter in Your Life

Each day we are faced with choices.  Most are of our own making but some choices are made for us.  Regardless of our present or past journey, we get the option to change our futures.  Choices matter and you get to choose how you respond and how you grow.  Take an adventure with us and learn to CHOOSE!

These choices matter.  They matter to you and those in your circle of influence which is bigger than you may realize.  Dream, plan, live and CHOOSE every day!

Forgiveness: It’s a Choice

Recently Released: Best selling book on Amazon, “Fabulous New Life” is now available.  Written by women, for women, 28 co-authors join efforts and share their journey’s to victory.  Be inspired, be challenged and be encouraged.  From sex, love, money, and forgiveness, to successful business, there is something for everyone.  This blog author, Suzanne Grimaud, wrote chapter 3, “Forgiveness…It’s A Choice” and shares how her marriage and family was saved after a decision was made that goes against what the world would have said to do.  It’s a chapter filled with HOPE.  Suzanne is available to speak to your group.  Get in touch to request a date.

Click the video tab to watch a short video from the co-author, Suzanne, about her story.

About Suzanne Grimaud

LIFE is made up of Choices! YOU get to decide how you live it. Will you be successful? Will you be happy? Will you fulfill your purpose? Will you make a difference in the lives of others? Choosing to choose or not to choose is still a choice and YOUR CHOICES MATTER!!!

Suzanne Grimaud is a thought leader focused on helping you achieve success through making the best choices in your life. She is an author, speaker, and executive leader in It Works Global.

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